Some gamers seem so desperate to get their hands on the new “Grand Theft Auto V” that they're willing to go to any measure to be the first to get it -- including lying, cheating, and in one case, even engaging in violence.

While most took the normal route of waiting in line for hours, one group of young men in New York City created an elaborate scheme to make sure they would not miss out on getting the game.

Pulling up in an unmarked cop car complete with lights and a siren they had purchased at a police auction, a trio of men strolled into a New York City mall and flashed a badge to cut the line at a GameStop store.

Abdel Sayed , a 19-year-old member of the city’s volunteer police force, elaborated his true status saying, he was  “with the NYPD” so he and his two buddies could get into the store.

Their plan at first seem to work since none of the store employees stopped them from going to the counter to purchase the game. But, apparently, their nerves eventually got the best of them.

After leaving the mall, the crew ran a number of stop signs and were quickly pulled over. 

According to the New York Post, they were charged with criminal impersonation and could face up to a year in jail.

The madness over the new game wasn't kept to just the United States.

Across the pond, a man in London was attacked after just purchasing the game and stabbed by a robber after just purchasing the game.

The widely popular video game, which allows players to become gangsters who stab and shoot their way around a fictional city based on Los Angeles, has drawn criticism for its violence and depiction of killing cops and hookers

But despite the critics, 20 million copies of the game are expected to be purchased, bringing in over $1 billion in sales for the company Rockstar.

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