Spain's public debt at the end of June rose to 942.8 billion euros ($1.3 trillion), equivalent to 92.2 percent of gross domestic product and a new record high, the Bank of Spain said Friday.

The second-quarter figure exceeded the Spanish government's year-end public-debt target of 91.6 percent of GDP and was up 17.2 percent relative to the close of June 2012, according to the central bank.

Central government debt rose 20.3 percent relative to the end of June 2012 to 818.4 billion euros ($1.1 trillion), or 80.1 percent of GDP.

The debt of Spain's autonomous regions climbed 14.8 percent year-on-year in the second quarter, while municipal government debt declined by 4.1 percent.

The Spanish economy remains hampered by the fallout from the collapse of a long-building housing bubble, which left many of its banks saddled with toxic assets.

The Iberian nation is struggling to emerge from its second recession since 2009 and lower a sky-high unemployment rate that stood at more than 26 percent in the second quarter. EFE