At least 47 people died Tuesday and 160 were wounded in a series of car-bomb attacks in Baghdad, Iraqi police sources told Efe.

Around a dozen vehicles exploded in the capital just six days after another series of attacks left more than 60 dead and 200 injured.

The deadliest attacks Tuesday targeted a market in the Talibiyah area on Baghdad's east side, where a total of 11 people died and 35 were wounded in two separate blasts.

Another attack took aim at a market, that one in northeast Baghdad area of Husseiniyah.

In that market, two vehicles were blown up, one after the other, killing eight people and wounding 28.

Five people died and 16 were injured in another market in the southeastern neighborhood of New Baghdad.

Four other people lost their lives and eight were injured by a car-bomb, also in a market, in the Shurta Rabaa area.

The explosion of another car-bomb in the al-Alam neighborhood left two dead and seven wounded, while two civilians were killed and six were wounded in the Zafaraniyah area of southeast Baghdad.

Another four attacks, perpetrated in the downtown commercial area of Karradah and in Baghdad's southern districts, left at least four dead and a score of wounded.

Baghdad and its surroundings were the scene last Wednesday of another series of car-bomb explosions, the majority against mainly Shi'ite Muslim areas.

Al-Qaeda said those attacks were launched "in response to the execution of Sunni prisoners by the Iraqi government."

Iraq is currently going through a resurgence of violence. Since early 2013 more than 5,000 civilians have been killed, according to U.N. figures. EFE