A Taliban assault on a joint U.S.-Polish base and Afghan government compound in the eastern province of Ghazni left 29 people dead and 62 wounded, a senior official told Efe Thursday.

The fatalities include 15 Taliban members and 10 civilians, deputy provincial Gov. Mohammed Ali Ahmadi said.

The attack began Wednesday afternoon with the detonation of an explosives-packed vehicle in front of the offices of a Provincial Reconstruction Team in Ghazni city.

The explosion was followed by a firefight that extended well into the night.

"Among the 62 injured there are 24 women and schoolchildren and 10 soldiers," Ahmadi said.

The NATO-led International Security Assistance Force said only that one servicemember was killed in an attack in eastern Afghanistan.

Provincial Reconstruction Teams channel international aid at the local and regional levels.

While ISAF deaths have been on the decline this year, fatalities are increasing among the Afghan security forces and civilians.

Insurgents have also stepped up assaults on the International Red Cross, including a May attack on the organization's office in Ghazni city that claimed the life of a security guard.

ISAF troops are due to withdraw from Afghanistan by the end of 2014. EFE