Police arrested five men suspected of participating in the gang rape of a young Indian photojournalist in Mumbai last week, police spokesmen said Sunday.

Authorities on Sunday morning in New Delhi arrested the alleged head of the group, identified as Salim Ansari, who had fled to the Indian capital from Mumbai, police told PTI and NDTV.

One man was arrested on Friday and three more on Saturday and thus authorities now have in custody all the men who - according to their investigation - presumably were involved in the incident.

The gang rape occurred late Thursday evening at an abandoned textile complex in a central neighborhood in the giant port city, India's largest metropolis and the country's financial capital.

The young woman, a 22-year-old intern, was preparing a report for a local English-language magazine with a male colleague.

The attackers beat the woman's companion and tied him up while three of them took turns raping the reporter, who suffered serious internal injuries but is in stable condition and out of mortal danger in a Mumbai hospital.

"The rape is not the end of my life. I want to go back to work," the young woman told a member of the National Women's Commission on Saturday, NDTV reported.

This rape has revived the indignation over sexual assaults in India, which has been going through a tension-filled period since late 2012 when a 23-year-old student died after being attacked in a similar way along with her boyfriend on a New Delhi bus. EFE