The third season of the television program "La Voz...Mexico" was presented in the Mexican capital with such novelties as the celebrity coaches stealing contestants from each other and the use of a double chair, that of the Puerto Ricans Wisin & Yandel.

From their revolving double seat, the duo will have to blindly choose a group of singers and afterwards train them to discover the best voice in Mexico.

"Music needs formulas like this so it doesn't die," Wisin said at a press conference Monday about this successful program adapted from the Dutch format "The Voice," which has been copied in several countries around the world.

The Puerto Ricans' rivals on the show, which is now in production and will air beginning Sept. 8, are the Mexicans Marco Antonio Solis and Alejandra Guzman, and the Spaniard David Bisbal, all of them on hand for the press conference.

About his participation, Solis said that, far from overshadowing the participants, his intention is to make them "really shine" so that they are "the stars of this program."

Some of the novelties, according to members of the production team, will be that the coaches can steal participants from each other and there will be battles among them, and also that the songs can be downloaded from the Internet.

In the program's previous season, the U.S. artist of Mexican descent, Jenni Rivera, died in a plane crash a few days before the final program, which was won by her contestant. EFE