At least 32 people died and another 30 were injured when they were run over by a train Monday as they were crossing a railroad track in the northern Indian state of Bihar, a police official told Efe.

The accident occurred in the Khagaria district when the victims, mostly Hindu pilgrims, had just got off another train in the Dhamara Ghat Station, the official said on the phone from the scene of the tragedy.

Most of the dead and injured were women and children, according to a source cited on NDTV television.

After the accident, an enraged mob attacked the engineer of the train involved, set fire to several train cars and took some railroad officials hostage.

A spokesperson for the national railway board said on the same TV network that the authorities had sent police reinforcements to the station.

Thousands of Hindu pilgrims visit a temple dedicated to the god Shiva in the nearby town of Deoghar during the months of July and August.

The faithful make a long walk to the temple carrying water from the sacred Ganges River as an offering.

India has the most extensive railroad system on the planet and is periodially the scene of accidents like this. EFE