Dozens of people have died in recent heavy rains and flooding in northeastern China and in the passage of Typhoon Utor across the southern part of the country, and the flooding and landslides have affected millions of people, the official Xinhua news agency reported Sunday.

The worst flooding in decades has killed 37 people, with 32 others missing, and tens of thousands of residents have been evacuated in the country's three northern provinces: Heilongjiang, Jilin and Liaoning.

The torrential rains have dangerously raised the water level in the three main rivers in the region - the Amur, the Songhua and the Ussuri - which have overflowed in some areas and have destroyed or seriously damaged some 50,000 houses, according to provincial authorities, the news agency said.

In just the northwestern region of the country, the number of people with property damage is approaching three million and authorities have sent more than 5,000 army troops to the area with the aim of relocating the affected residents, strengthening local containment dikes and preventing leaks.

The simultaneous passage of Typhoon Utor across Canton and Guangxi provinces in the south, has resulted in 10 deaths and 10 people who have gone missing, mainly due to flooding and mudslides associated with the heavy rains brought by the storm.

Authorities calculate that the typhoon has affected more than 2.5 million people, 321,500 of whom have been evacuated, especially in the city of Maoming, in Canton province, one of the urban areas hardest hit by the storm and where several watercourses have overflowed. EFE