Nine people died and four others went missing after Typhoon Utor hit China, lashing the southern provinces of Canton and Guangxi since Wednesday with powerful winds and torrential rains that have continued since then, according to the official news agency Xinhua.

The latest victims were three people trapped in their homes by two heavy mudslides early Saturday. Their bodies were recovered in the afternoon, according to local authorities, who attribute the mudslides to the typoon's heavy rains.

Of the nine victims, five died in Guangxi, while the other four lost their lives in Canton province when Utor made landfall there Wednesday afternoon.

Authorities estimate that the windstorm has affected more than 2.5 million inhabitants, 321,500 of whom have been evacuated, mostly from the Cantonese city of Maoming, one of the hardest hit by the typhoon and where several streams have overflowed.

The torrential rains and consequent flooding have destroyed almost 4,000 homes in the provinces of Canton and Guangxi, where the effects of the typhoon are expected to continue with diminishing force over the next two days.

Utor, the 11th typhoon to strike China this year, caused at least seven deaths in the Philippines, and four people remain missing there.

According to provincial authorities, in Guangxi province alone the economic losses are estimated at 111 million yuan ($18.2 million). EFE