Roughly 400,000 Mexican undocumented migrants were repatriated from the United States last year, according to the National Migration Institute, or INM.

The head of that agency, Ardelio Vargas, revealed those figures during a meeting Friday with civil society organizations in this capital.

The groups taking part in the forum are pushing for a government aid program for migrants that would enable them to travel from the border back to their home communities after they have been deported.

The Milenio daily, which provided details on the forum Saturday, said 126,000 of the migrants repatriated last year re-entered Mexico via the northwestern state of Baja California, which borders California.

Another main re-entry point was the northeastern state of Tamaulipas, which received 122,000 of the repatriated migrants.

Thousands of Mexicans attempt to cross the border into the United States in search of a better future. They are joined in that quest by large numbers of would-be migrants from Central America, South America and other regions who use Mexico as a transit point. EFE