At least eight people were killed Friday in clashes between supporters and opponents of deposed Egyptian President Mohammed Morsi in the port city of Damietta, located in the Nile River Delta region, security forces told Efe.

Five of the those killed were Morsi supporters, the sources said, adding that the clashes erupted outside a police station in that city.

For its part, state news agency Mena said five people were wounded in that same fighting and were rushed to a local hospital.

According to that report, gunshots could still be heard in the area.

Also in the Nile Delta region, in Gharbia province, 10 people - including four police officers - were wounded in clashes between security forces and demonstrators who tried to make their way inside government buildings in the provincial capital of Tanta, Mena said.

Elsewhere, at least four people died Friday and 22 were wounded in clashes between Morsi supporters and opponents in the northeastern city of Ismailia, on the west bank of the Suez Canal.

Tensions are running high in Egypt, where Muslim Brotherhood supporters were carrying out "Day of Rage" rallies Friday despite a hefty security presence.

The country has been locked in a spiral of violence since Wednesday, when police violently dismantled two sit-in protests by Morsi's Islamist supporters in Cairo.

At least 578 people were killed and 4,200 were wounded in deadly clashes that day, according to Egyptian authorities, although Islamists say the death toll was much higher.

Morsi's Islamist supporters have held protests in Cairo since his ouster by the armed forces in a July 3 coup, which followed days of massive anti-government protests.

Critics accused Morsi and the Brotherhood of doing little to address poverty and Egypt's struggling economy, of failing to advance the goals of the 2011 revolution that forced out strongman Hosni Mubarak and of seeking to monopolize power. EFE