Government troops neutralized a guerrilla unit that targeted oil infrastructure in the northeastern region of Catatumbo, the Colombian military said Monday.

The band, which had ties to the FARC rebel group, was broken up through arrests in the cities of Cucuta, Ocaña and Convencion, all in Norte de Santander province, the army said.

One of those detained is an engineer for a company that does work for state oil company Ecopetrol.

The engineer used his position to deliver to the FARC information so that they could carry out attacks against the oil pipelines in the Catatumbo zone, the army said.

Two other suspects stand accused of ordering attacks on the electric and petroleum infrastructure in Norte de Santander and Cesar provinces.

The other people arrested are characterized as collaborators of the band in the preparation of explosives and the gathering of information.

Troops made the captures with the help of agents from the Attorney General's Office after several months of investigation and monitoring the activities of the accused, according to the army statement. EFE