Spain's Eurona Telecom, which since 2010 has been listed on the country's Alternative Stock Exchange, has launched an effort to expand its capital by 5.8 million euros (about $7.6 million) to enable it to grow in Spain by making acquisitions and undertake operations in Latin America in late 2013.

Eurona Telecom was founded in 2003 and offers telecommunications services in areas where no networks exist or where services are deficient.

The firm operates in Spain, Portugal, Great Britain, Ireland and Italy, but its aim is to continue growing, both in the domestic market as well as abroad.

The firm's objective in 2013 is to generate income exceeding 20 million euros (about $26.4 million), a figure that will practically triple its earnings last year.

Part of this growth will come from "corporate operations" that the company is contemplating undertaking in Spain, according to what the firm's president and managing director, Jaume Sanpera, told Efe.

For now, the Catalonian firm sees "many possibilities" for doing business in Peru, but it is also studying the opportunities that exist in Chile, Ecuador and Colombia.

Eurona Telecom currently offers Internet coverage to more than 30,000 customers, mainly in rural zones where big operators do not penetrate, thanks to radio and satellite technologies. EFE