Saudi Arabian authorities arrested two people accused of planning "imminent suicide attacks in the region," Interior Ministry spokesman Mansur al Turki reported Thursday.

In a communique released by the official SPA news agency, Al Turki emphasized that the arrested men, one of whom is from Chad and the other from Yemen, had exchanged information about suicide attacks.

Authorities seized the computers and cell phones that the men allegedly had used to communicate with terrorists outside Saudi Arabia, the spokesman said.

He said that the arrests were made after authorities began monitoring messages inciting hatred and violence posted on the social networks in the last few days of the Muslim holy month of Ramadan.

The United States at the beginning of August issued a worldwide travel alert for all its citizens and gave instructions to a number of its embassies in the Middle East to remain closed in the face of the threat of a possible Al-Qaeda attack.

In Yemen, Saudi Arabia's neighbor, the United States withdrew the majority of its embassy personnel and asked its citizens to leave the country, while Yemeni authorities announced that they had foiled several Al-Qaeda attacks. EFE