Mexican billionaire Carlos Slim, owner of the telecom Claro and investor in more than 200 companies, is spending his August in the northwestern Spanish region of Galicia.

The septuagenarian Slim, who is worth about $73 billion according to Forbes, chose for his weekend the Moncho bar in the village of Avion, Orense province, a place reserved for card playing, dominoes and other games that offers diners good wine and its culinary specialty of grilled meat.

The magnate got down to a serious game of dominoes there with his good friend, compatriot and host, Olegario Vazquez Raña, son of emigrants from this Galician municipality and owner of a health care, communications, tourism and financial holding in Mexico.

At the village bar, Carlos Slim ordered a tonic and stopped to buy an ice cream.

Slim, in white pants and a striped white shirt, and Vazquez Raña, in blue and white like the Galician flag, concentrated on the 28 domino blocks in front of them with immutably confident smiles.

"Come in, come in." That was the invitation to reporters at the door of the small hotel who were allowed to enter and watch some of the players' strategies and maneuvers to take the game.

Carlos Slim never took his eyes off the game, even to take a sip. EFE