Te amo Camila Vallejo" (I love you, Camila Vallejo), a song written by U.S. indie band "Desaparecidos" and dedicated to the 25-year-old Chilean student leader, has begun spreading via the Internet, Chilean music Web sites said.

From beginning to end, the song expresses admiration for the young militant communist who for the past two years has been featured on media cover pages and gotten plenty of ink in the international press.

"Camila/ Tienes fuego en tus ojos" (Camila/ You have fire in your eyes) are some of the lyrics penned by Cono Obrest, the leader of the Nebraska sextet and also of the band Bright Eyes, and for whom "Desaparecidos" is a parallel project started in 2001, suspended in 2002 and then resurrected now, according to different Web sites - for instance, El Dinamo and Humo Negro - on the weekend.

"Camila no tiene miedo a la muerte" (Camila is not afraid of death) claims the song dedicated to the young woman who rocketed into the world press in 2011, when as president of the Student Federation at the University of Chile she led massive protests to demand educational improvements that have been maintained until today.

The young woman will probably give birth in a few weeks, but certainly before the Nov. 17 elections.

The song will be officially released in the coming weeks on an album that will have Vallejo's face on its cover and will be launched via the Desaparecidos' Web site, Obrest said.

In October 2011, another song - "Talkin' Chile's Camila Vallejo," by Germany's Michel Montecrossa - circulated widely on the Internet, a number in which the singer praised Vallejo's beauty and rebelliousness. EFE