An armed man, classified as a "member of a terrorist group," was killed and four others were arrested Sunday after a shootout with security forces in the Tunisian capital, the state-run Tap news agency reported.

The arrests were made at a home in the El Ouardia neighborhood that was being investigated by security forces and where the exchange of gunfire with the arrested men and their companion occurred. Authorities have not released the identities of any of the men.

Nevertheless, the news agency said that they are "important terrorist elements."

The police operation came amid political tension and growing insecurity in the North African country, where hours earlier another person was killed when a homemade bomb he had made blew up in Tunis.

Tunisian authorities announced on Sunday that a new political assassination attempt had been foiled by security forces, although they did not offer any further details.

On July 25, Mohammed El Brahmi, a 58-year-old opposition lawmaker, was shot to death in front of his home in the capital by two men riding a motorcycle.

A few hours later, eight soldiers died in an ambush in Chambi, in the southern part of the country. EFE