Mexican President Enrique Peña Nieto left hospital on Saturday after undergoing surgery earlier this week to have a thyroid nodule removed, and expressed his thanks to the medical staff who looked after him.

In a brief statement to the press as he was leaving the Central Military Hospital, Peña Nieto also thanked the people who, "through the different media, have expressed their interest and above all their concern" for the state of his health.

He said he will stay over the weekend at the presidential residence of Los Pinos where he will hold working meetings of a private nature, and had hopes of being "completely integrated" into his normal activities early next week.

The president said he feels "very well and in good spirits," while insisting he is "more than ready" to resume his activities.

The president's release from hospital was initially scheduled for Friday, but he stayed a day longer "on doctors' advice," as Peña Nieto himself announced that day.

Peña Nieto, 47, underwent surgery on Wednesday to have a thyroid nodule removed from the base of his neck.

The operation was considered a "success" by Brig. Gen. Juan Felipe Sanchez who headed the medical team, since the tumor turned out to be benign and the nerves that move the vocal chords remained intact, so that the president's voice will not be affected.

On the Friday after the operation, the president said his convalescence had not stopped him from keeping abreast of was going on in the nation nor from taking decisions. 

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