The homes of the Costa Rican education minister and an opposition lawmaker were attacked on the weekend by armed men, who stole valuables but did not injure anyone.

Police confirmed that on Friday night the home of opposition legislator Patricia Perez was attacked, while on Saturday night two armed men entered the residence of Education Minister Leonardo Garnier.

In both incidents, the criminals stole several items of value but did not injure anyone.

In the minister's case, neither he nor his wife were at home at the time of the attack, but the two gunmen leveled their guns at his son-in-law and a domestic employee but did not injure either one, authorities reported.

Perez's house was attacked by three armed men, who entered the home and held the lawmaker and her daughter at gunpoint while in the process of stealing various items.

The legislator said that the attackers waited until her daughter returned home and opened the garage to park her vehicle and then entered the house while the automatic garage door was open.

Perez said that the men did not physically attack the women.

However, they did level their weapons at them, forcing them to remain in a bedroom while they stole jewelry and other items of value.

On his Twitter account, Garnier on Sunday thanked the public for the expressions of support he had received and also expressed his gratitude that nobody was hurt in the robbery.

"And thanks to everyone for your messages. ... It's a very regrettable situation that, luckily, only resulted in material losses," he said, adding that the only important thing is that his daughter, son-in-law and the employee were not hurt. EFE