Mexican rockers Molotov plan to record an album of new material after completing their current U.S. tour, band member Paco Ayala told Efe.

"Now in our concerts we are playing new numbers that haven't been recorded to test then with people. And we like to do this, to release them live, to see the public's reaction," he said in a telephone interview.

Some of those new songs, including "Santo Niño de Atocha" and "Goner," are going over well with the fans, Ayala said.

He added, however, that the group can't compose an entire album's worth of material while touring.

"We have to take time to prepare the new songs and put out a good disc," he said.

Molotov, winner of four Latin Grammys, performed Thursday in Charlotte, one of 26 cities on the itinerary of a U.S. tour that will take them from coast to coast.

Ayala and his bandmates - Miky Huidobro, Tito Fuentes de Garay and Randy Ebright - are all multi-instrumentalists and each takes part in singing/rapping lyrics that mix Spanish and English.

Molotov attained international recognition with the 1997 album "¿Donde jugaran las niñas?," which included "Gimme Tha Power," a song denouncing Mexico's political class that has become a protest anthem. EFE