Mexican police have arrested a second suspect in the disappearance of seven people on July 6 in the central state of Morelos, state prosecutors said.

Thursday's arrest was made in a joint federal and state police operation, according to the Morelos Attorney General's Office, which last Saturday located the house in the town of Oaxtepec where the seven residents of the Mexico City borough of Iztacalco had arrived and where the first suspect was detained.

The seven adults arrived at that home in the company of seven minors, who were left inside a vehicle and discovered in the central city of Puebla on July 8, the state AG's office said.

The seven missing persons - three male and three female members of one family and a domestic employee - traveled in early July with the minors to the tourist town of Oaxtepec.

They went there to spend a weekend at the home of an acquaintance who apparently was going to negotiate a property deal in that town with one member of the group, the deputy AG in Morelos, Adriana Pineda, said.

According to Pineda, the woman who invited the now-missing individuals has served two separate prison terms in Mexico City: one in 2004 for robbery and another in 2008 for a drug-related offense.