Ten children died Tuesday and another 30 were injured when the bus taking them to school collided with a truck in the northeastern Indian state of Rajastan, a police spokesman told Efe.

The accident occurred early Tuesday morning in the Hanumangarh district as the bus was headed for the city of Goluwala with some 40 youngsters on board, the spokesman said.

Six of the children were pronounced dead at the scene and four others died later at a hospital.

Around 30 others are being treated for their injuries in different medical centers.

According to NDTV television, the crash occurred when the bus driver tried to pass another vehicle.

The whereabouts of the bus and truck drivers remain unknown.

Some 125,000 people die annually in India in traffic accidents and, according to a report published in 2011 by the World Health Organization, it is the country with the greatest number of deaths on the highways.

Accidents in India are chiefly caused by bad driving, poor signposting, and the disrepair of vehicles and roads. EFE