At least nine people died and 189 were rescued on Wednesday after a boat carrying around 200 immigrants en route for Australia sank, Indonesian officials told Efe.

Among the dead are two children and a pregnant woman.

The shipwreck occurred Tuesday night near Cianjur, an island south of Java, after the boat's motor failed about 5 kilometers (3 miles) offshore, the spokesman for Indonesia's Rescue Agency, Didi Hamsar, said.

Indonesian rescue teams and fishing boats are currently looking for survivors.

The occupants of the boat, who come from Iran and Sri Lanka, were intending to travel to Australia to ask for asylum there.

Hamsar said that statements are being taken from the survivors to learn more details about the sinking, although he added that the boat was overloaded.

The injured have been transported to hospitals while the rest of the survivors are being held at a detention center in southern Java.

Indonesia is the main way station en route to Australia for many citizens from poor and unstable Asian nations.

Hundreds of people have died in recent years in Indonesian waters as dozens of boats loaded with undocumented immigrants ply the zone heading for Australia. EFE