A terrorist group based in Pakistan's tribal regions was preparing a suicide attack against Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif, according to a police report revealed Tuesday by the Express Tribune.

The plot was detected by chance during the investigation of the unrelated kidnapping of the son of former Premier Yusuf Raza Guilani, the newspaper said.

Police first discovered that a branch of the main Pakistani Taliban group, the TTP, was preparing an attack in the area near the eastern city of Lahore.

It later emerged that an individual close to the TTP owned land adjacent to Sharif's Lahore-area home, leading police to suspect the terrorist group's target.

Sources told the Express Tribune that while several of the members of the group have already been arrested, security forces still have not found the hiding place for their weapons and so the alert against a possible TTP attack is being maintained.

Sharif, who was sworn in on June 5, is the leader of the Pakistani Muslim League, which won the general elections held in May by a wide margin.

The League has a closer relationship with the armed fundamentalist insurgents than the prior government, headed by the secular-minded Pakistan People's Party, and it is even strongly rumored that Sharif wants to engage in a peace dialogue with the TTP. EFE