Puerto Rico Gov. Alejandro Garcia Padilla on Tuesday signed into law a bill to establish Brand Puerto Rico, with the aim of projecting an image of the Caribbean island as an attractive tourist destination.

"Our country brand will mean economic development, global positioning and investment. Our country brand will exceed any publicity campaign because it's about a distinctive aspect of identity," said Garcia Padilla after signing the new law.

The speaker of the island's House of Representatives and author of the bill, Jaime Perello, emphasized that a permanent brand for Puerto Rico has, in and of itself, the value of defining what the economic future of the island will be.

"Puerto Rico today has a law that is the affirmative action for our growth within the global economy," he emphasized.

The law establishes that the government needs to adopt a public policy that strengthens the initiatives to promote the island's image on the world level via the official adoption of a brand.

The law also sets forth the creation of a committee, the members of which will be named by the governor and which will be comprised mostly of representatives from the private sector.

The committee will use five percent of the funds allocated for advertising and marketing by various government departments whose mission is attracting visitors and investment to Puerto Rico.

Last year, about $110 million was spent on advertising campaigns promoting Puerto Rico. EFE