The Ecuadorian government is offering more than 5,000 jobs to Spanish educators at the primary, secondary and post-secondary levels amid a shortage of teachers in the Andean nation, Quito's deputy secretary for educational and professional development said here Monday.

The aim is to hire 500 Spanish university professors to train aspiring educators and 5,000 qualified teachers to fill vacancies at primary and secondary schools, Miriam Aguirre told a press conference in Madrid.

Salaries for the professors range from $2,226 to $5,009 a month depending on qualifications and the specific requirements of the position, she said. Besides the salary, those who are hired will receive subsidies for their housing, food and transport.

Ecuador's International Recruiting and Selection Plan will be administered by the recently founded National Education University, or UNAE.

UNAE is planned to have six campuses across the country by 2025 that will train educators to work at all levels.

Aguirre said that the first country to be offered this plan is Spain for the "affinities both in language and history between the two countries," as well as for the excellent standards maintained by Spanish educators.

The job offers announced Monday are added to those made by the Ecuadorian government in April to recruit Spanish doctors to cover 8,000 positions the Latin American country needs to fill. EFE