Authorities in the southern Chinese province of Canton have reopened the investigation into an alleged police assault eight years ago on the man who last weekend detonated a bomb at Beijing airport, the official Xinhua news agency said Monday.

The Cantonese Office of Public Security ordered its office in the city of Dongguan to take another look at the charges leveled by Ji Zhongxing, 34.

Ji and a police officer were the only people injured Saturday when he set off a homemade bomb at the exit of one of the terminals at Beijing International Airport.

He later said the bombing was a last-ditch attempt to get authorities to re-open the case over his alleged assault by police in 2005.

Ji says that a group of local parapolice, known in China as "chengguan," attacked him with metal bars when he was transporting a passenger, who was also injured, on his moto-taxi.

Ji suffered injuries to the medulla that put him into a wheelchair and since then he has demanded more than 300,000 yuan ($50,000) from the authorities to pay for his medical expenses.

The South China Morning Post said Monday that after the attack Dongguan authorities issued a communique in which they said that Ji in 2010 accepted 100,000 yuan ($16,000) in compensation in exchange for abandoning his litigation.

His brother, Ji Zhongji, told the daily that they had accepted that sum, but that since both are illiterate they did not know exactly what they were signing.

Well-known human rights attorney Li Xiaoyuan said Sunday that he was willing to defend or provide legal assistance to Ji.

In China, attacks have been carried out in public places by workers who have lost their jobs, people made desperate by health problems or similar situations, but Saturday's incident was the first of its kind in a high-security environment.

On June 8, Chen Shuizong, a man with a grudge against the police over an administrative error that caused him to lose money set a bus on fire in the city of Xiamen, killing himself and 46 passengers. EFE