At least four people died Monday in disturbances in this capital during protests by followers of deposed President Mohammed Morsi.

A source with the security services told Efe that one person died in clashes between supporters and opponents of Morsi near Tahrir Square while three other people lost their lives during violence in the Qaliub zone, in northern Cairo.

Regarding the fatalities in Qaliub, the source said that two of the people were shot while the third was run over by a train as he was fleeing the disturbances.

The source did not specify who shot the two people.

Earlier, the Muslim Brotherhood had complained that the army had fired "intensively" into a protest by Morsi followers on the ring road around the capital, in the vicinity of Qaliub.

Almost simultaneously, a group of street toughs threw stones at the demonstration.

So far, the Brotherhood has not said whether any of the people killed in the area were participating in the demonstration.

The Egyptian army removed Morsi from office on July 3. EFE