More than 50,000 people attended the "Fiesta del Sol" this weekend in San Diego, California, making its eight edition one of the largest Hispanic cultural events in the county.

The festival, aimed at collecting funds for the humanitarian "Justice Overcoming Boundaries" project, allows attendees to connect with organizations working with health, education and the arts with the objective of helping communities with limited resources.

"People approach institutions in this space that whey would not get to know in any other way, both to receive resources and to involve themselves as volunteers. For us, 'Border Angels,' it helps us to inform (people) about the rights of undocumented immigrants, many of whom feel safe in this neighborhood," Enrique Morones, the founder of the group, told Efe.

The Mexican Consulate in San Diego was also present at the event, providing information about programs like the one that allows people to attend open university classes long-distance and the one that provides information about a person's rights in the United States if they are arrested by the police, without regard for their immigration status.

The festival also has a section devoted to the arts, where 15 artists - both from the United States and Latin America and coming from all over Southern California - create and sell their artwork to members of the community.

Chicano artist Mario Torero, who designed the official poster for the first edition of the San Diego festival in 2006, said that this event "is the city's most Mexican one," and it allows residents to have a greater sense of identity and create spaces for political action vis-a-vis the city authorities. EFE