At least 24 people died Saturday and 90 were wounded in a series of car-bomb attacks in Baghdad, which raised to 35 the number of fatalities nationwide, an official at the Interior Ministry told Efe.

Most of the explosions took place in popular markets, the official said, who specified that among the hardest hit areas were Al Tobyi on Baghdad's north side and Al Zafaraniya on the southwest, both strongly Shi'ite neighborhoods.

In Al Tobyi a car blew up close to a soft-drink stand, killing five, leaving 18 wounded and causing significant material destruction.

Another five people died in the consecutive explosions of two car-bombs and another explosive device in Al Zafaraniya, where 19 people were wounded.

An attack on the Al Karrada neighborhood in the capital's downtown area, next to a market, ended with four people dead and 12 wounded.

Also in Al Karrada, the detonation of another car-bomb killed two and wounded nine.

A fifth car bomb exploded in a market of the predominantly Shi'ite neighborhood of Al Shurta al Rabea, where three people died and seven were wounded.

Another five people died and 26 were injured in similar attacks at Un al Tabul in the southwest part of the city, in the southeast neighborhood of New Baghdad and in Al Musalata on the west side.

The official did not rule out a further increase in the number of victims and said that security forces have fanned out in several areas of Baghdad to forestall any new attacks.

This wave of violence coincides with other attacks around the country, which have caused 11 more deaths, including three soldiers and a pro-government militiaman.

During the sacred month of Ramadan, which began last July 10, the number of terrorist attacks and incidents of sectarian violence have greatly increased.

The U.N. representative in Iraq, Martin Kobler, said this week at the headquarters of the international organization, that the last four months have been the bloodiest in the past five years, with some 3,000 people killed and 7,000 wounded. EFE