Seven people were killed and 261 others injured overnight amid protests in this capital by tens of thousands of supporters of deposed President Mohammed Morsi, Egyptian state television said Tuesday.

Four of the fatalities occurred in Al-Nahda Square, near the campus of the University of Cairo, where Morsi partisans clashed with neighborhood residents, state news agency Mena said.

Attempts by police to break up pro-Morsi demonstrations in Ramses Square and on Oct. 6th Bridge left two people dead and 134 injured.

More than 400 people were arrested in connection with the incident in Ramses Square, a police source told Efe.

Street vendors and unknown assailants attacked a march by Morsi supporters in the vicinity of Giza Square, according to Mena.

Monday's protests came a week after 51 Morsi partisans died in a confrontation with security forces in front of Republican Guard headquarters, where Islamists suspected the ousted president was being held.

The Egyptian military removed Morsi on July 3, following days of massive anti-government protests.

Critics accused Morsi and his Muslim Brotherhood movement of doing little to address poverty and Egypt's struggling economy, of failing to advance the goals of the 2011 revolution that forced out strongman Hosni Mubarak and of seeking to monopolize power. EFE