State police arrested 30 people suspected of belonging to the gang that controls drug trafficking in Rocinha, the largest "favela," or shantytown, in the city of Rio de Janeiro, Brazilian officials said.

The arrests were made during an operation carried out Saturday to capture 58 suspected drug traffickers.

Investigators intercepted telephone calls and determined that nearly 100 people continued selling drugs in Rocinha even though the shantytown had been occupied by police in November 2011.

Drug dealers were taking their orders from a drug trafficker being held at a maximum-security prison, officials said.

Daniel Benjamin Frank, a 25-year-old German tourist, was gunned down last month by gang members in Rocinha.

The shantytown, which is home to about 70,000 people, is difficult to control because of its large size, Rio de Janeiro Gov. Sergio Cabral said.

Two of the gunmen arrested Saturday were among the criminals who took 35 tourists hostage at the nearby Intercontinental Hotel in August 2010, police said. EFE