Brazilian police killed one of the criminals trying to rob a Spanish tourist outside a hotel in an affluent Sao Paulo neighborhood, authorities said Saturday.

Civil Police of Sao Paulo state, who did not reveal the name of the robbers nor of the tourist, said Friday that a Spanish citizen who was staying at the Hotel Melia, in the exclusive Itaim Bibi neighborhood, was attacked by two individuals on a motorcycle.

The Spaniard, according to police, had withdrawn 15,000 reais ($6,613) from two branches of the Itau Bank in the same neighborhood, and the taxi he took was followed by the assailants.

When the tourist got out of the taxi in front of the hotel, the motorcyclists began the holdup - but were surprised by two undercover cops on security duty in the neighborhood.

The incident occurred a few blocks from where, in a similar assault last July, a young Italian attorney was killed who was accompanied by Jose Ruiz-Gallardon, the son of Spanish Justice Minister Alberto Ruiz-Gallardon. EFE