Twelve police officers from the city of Tultepec allegedly involved in the killings of two young men last weekend were turned over to a court, the Mexico state Attorney General's Office said.

The officers, including Tultepec police chief Cristian Lara Fraire, were taken to the prison in Cuautitlan around 8:00 p.m. Tuesday, the AG's office said.

Mexico state surrounds the Federal District and forms part of the Mexico City metropolitan area.

The municipal police officers face abuse of authority and obstruction of justice charges, as well as charges for covering up a homicide and failing to do their duty as law enforcement agents, the AG's office said.

The judge handling the case issued an arrest warrant for officer Raul Resendiz Breton, who allegedly fired the shots that killed the two young men, prosecutors said.

Resendiz Breton fled from the shooting scene and remains at large, the AG's office said.

A confrontation between municipal police officers and three young men left two of the civilians dead and a third wounded, press reports said.

Residents of Tultepec protested the shootings, torching and destroying more than 11 police patrol cars, media reports said.

The incident occurred on Sunday, when officers drove up to two young men who were drunk and disturbing the peace in Tultepec's Amado Nervo neighborhood.

A struggle ensued and Resendiz Breton shot the two men, the AG's office said.

Residents set fire to the patrol car and went to city hall to demand the officer's arrest, damaging several government vehicles parked outside the building, media reports said. EFE