Reporters Without Borders on Monday denounced the jail term meted out to a Brazilian journalist for a fictional piece on his blog.

"Reporters Without Borders has learned with incredulity and dismay that the journalist Jose Cristian Goes was sentenced to seven months and 16 days in prison on 4 July in connection with a short piece of fiction mocking local political corruption," the Paris-based organization said in a statement.

The story highlighted "the clientelist methods used by people in positions of power and influence," but did not include any names, dates or public positions, RSF, as the group is known, said.

Nevertheless, the piece incited Judge Edson Ulisses to file both civil and criminal charges against Goes.

"This case speaks volumes about the political practices that Goes criticized in his story," RSF said.

Although the jail term was immediately converted into community service work and the case can be appealed, the RSF said that it still amounts to "a judicial insanity" and an insult to the basic principles of Brazil's 1988 constitution. EFE