Actor Sean Connery and his wife could have arrest warrants issued for them if they do not appear before a Spanish judge in a corruption case within six months, according to a court ruling seen by Efe on Tuesday.

In the ruling, it is stated that there have been "all kinds of impediments" to taking the statements of Sean Thomas Connery and his wife, Micheline Anne Jeanne Connery, and it details the procedures that have been undertaken going back to May 2010.

Connery, then 80, cited his age and unspecified health concerns when he declined to travel to Spain and testify.

In December 2010, the Spanish judiciary initiated the process to have the Connerys give a statement in the Bahamas, where the couple now lives, but that effort has yet to bear fruit.

The case centers on suspected criminal acts, including money laundering, connected with the re-zoning of Connery's beachfront property in the Spanish resort of Marbella to allow the construction of 72 luxury apartments.

The prosecution began in 2007 and includes a score of defendants, including former Marbella Mayor Julian Muñoz, who is also the ex- boyfriend of popular singer Isabel Pantoja.

Until 1999, Connery and his wife spent vacations in a chalet on their seaside parcel in Marbella, where a four-story building now stands.

The investigation was dubbed "Goldfinger," a reference to the 1964 movie in which the actor played James Bond. EFE

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