At least seven people died Tuesday in an attack by a Taliban suicide squad on the Kabul headquarters of a company that supplies the NATO-led forces in Afghanistan, the capital's police chief told Efe.

The attack occurred at 4 a.m. and resulted in the deaths of four Nepalese security guards, an Afghan security guard and two Afghan civilians, Ayub Salangi said.

The attack was launched by four insurgent suicide bombers wearing explosive vests, but only one of them was able to blow himself up. The others died in a shootout lasting an hour with Afghan security forces, the police chief said.

Kabul last week was the scene of a coordinated insurgent attack on the Presidential Palace in which three guards and the four attackers were killed.

Coordinated assaults launched by rebel attack squads are rather regular occurrences in Afghanistan and appear designed to get media attention.

The Tuesday attack comes two weeks after the Taliban opened their own diplomatic office in Qatar with the aim of undertaking peace talks with the United States to find a solution to the Afghan conflict, which has lasted more than a decade. EFE