A Puerto Rican woman accused of hiring a hit man to murder her husband in 2005 was arrested by Spanish police at Madrid's Barajas International Airport.

The director of the FBI office in Puerto Rico, Carlos Cases, on Monday confirmed the arrest of Aurea Vazquez Rijos.

She had been a fugitive since 2008.

Spanish police waited at Barajas for Vazquez Rijos to arrive after being informed by U.S. federal authorities of the woman's movements in Europe.

The press said that Vazquez Rijos had fled from Puerto Rico to Italy because Rome does not extradite people accused of crimes that could carry the death penalty if the person were to be convicted.

It is expected that Vazquez Rijos will be sent back to Puerto Rico from Spain within six to nine months, once the extradition process is concluded.

Vazquez Rijos was charged on June 4, 2008, with conspiring with Alex Pabon Colon, alias "Alex el loco" (Crazy Alex) to murder her then-husband, Canadian businessman Adam Anhang.

Pabon Colon pleaded guilty before a federal jury in June 2008 after confessing that he stabbed the victim to death on Sept. 22, 2005, after being promised at least $1 million by the woman.

Vazquez Rijos's lawyer, Nicolas Nogueras, told a local newspaper that so far there have been no U.S. government moves to begin the extradition process. EFE