Panamanian police seized eight grills containing an as yet undetermined amount of cocaine and almost three quarters of a million dollars in cash and arrested four Colombians and a Panamanian in an antidrug operation carried out on the weekend at the Tocumen International Airport, an official said.

The drug was found beneath the double bottoms of four briefcases during the search on Sunday of a cargo plane that had arrived from Bogota, although authorities did not specify how the aircraft was registered in a communique released by the Panamanian National Police.

Narcotics units with the Police Judicial Investigation Directorate, or DIJ, found the four briefcases containing cocaine, but authorities did not say precisely how much of the drug was hidden inside.

Each of the briefcases had a double bottom and beneath each one were found two grills wrapped in black plastic and packed full of cocaine.

Four Colombians and a Panamanian citizen, none of whom was identified, were arrested and handed over to the appropriate authorities.

A total of $747,000 in cash was seized in the operation, the police said in the communique. EFE