The fatalities from a suicide attack targeting Shi'ite Muslims in the western city of Quetta rose to 30 Monday with the deaths of two of the injured, Pakistani police told Efe.

It was late Sunday afternoon that a member of the Sunni Muslim militant group Lashkar-e-Jhangvi detonated explosives at the entrance to a Shi'ite prayer center after security guards stopped him from entering the building.

Twenty-eight people were killed and around 50 others wounded, including the two who died Monday.

Several other of the injured remain hospitalized in critical condition.

The explosion took place in Quetta's Hazara Town, home to members of a Central Asian minority that is present in both Pakistan and neighboring Afghanistan.

Pakistan's prime minister, Nawaz Sharif, issued a statement condemning the attack and expressing solidarity with victims' families.

But a spokesman for the Hazaras, Fasieh Iqbal, told Efe that police have done little to increase security in Shi'ite majority neighborhoods, "where the terrorists continue moving around with ease."

The new federal and provincial administrations that took office after May's elections promised to address the terrible security situation in Quetta, where hundreds of Shi'ites have died in attacks this year.

Shi'ites account for around 20 percent of Pakistan's more than 180 million people.

Sectarian violence claimed 537 lives in Pakistan last year, according to the Pakistani Institute for Peace Studies. EFE