Colombian actress Sofia Vergara does not rule out the possibility of having a baby with husband-to-be Nick Loeb, but admitted that right now "it's not a priority" in her life.

"It's not a priority in my life" because Manolo, her son, is about to turn 22 and it would be "starting all over with the diapers," she said in an interview that aired Friday on the Televisa network.

"Furthermore, I'm with a guy who doesn't have children, who is younger than me, so if it happens, it happens, but I'm not stressing because I already have Manolo," the actress said during a fleeting stay in the Mexican capital to promote a brand of detergent.

About her wedding with Loeb, who popped the question last year amid the Mayan ruins of Chichen Itza, she said she wants a big fancy one, but that right now she can't set the date because she has "a lot of work" and doesn't have "time to organize a big reception."

What's more, "we want to buy a house," the star of the TV series "Modern Family" said, recalling that last year she celebrated her 40th birthday at a hotel on the Riviera Maya with more than 100 guests.

"We took months planning it because it was a whole week of partying," the Colombian said, adding that at her wedding she can't "disappoint" her guests. "I have to do something just as good or better, and that's going to take me time," she said.

This will be the second marriage for Vergara, who got married at age 18 to Jose Luis Gonzalez, the father of her son. EFE