A young Brazilian who fell from a viaduct during a protest to demand better public services died Thursday at a hospital here, police said.

Douglas Henrique de Oliveira, 21, became the fifth fatality in the social protests that began June 10 in Sao Paulo and have spread nationwide.

He fell on Wednesday from a viaduct over which demonstrators were passing during a protest by some 50,000 people in Belo Horizonte, suffering multiple broken bones and severe head injuries.

The Belo Horizonte protest was the largest of those registered on Wednesday and coincided with the Confederations Cup soccer match in that city in which Brazil defeated Uruguay 2-1 and qualified for the final.

The demonstrators marched along streets near Mineirao stadium at the time the match was under way and, despite the fact that the majority of those who turned out protested peacefully, a small group tried to move toward the stadium and clashed with police.

The confrontations resulted 25 people arrested and seven injured, including De Oliveira and another student who fell from the same viaduct when the demonstrators were fleeing from police.

The most violent protesters set a fire at an auto dealership, torched several vehicles and looted stores in the Pampulha district.

One of the issues motivating millions of Brazilians to take to the streets to protest is the government's costly spending on organizing the 2014 soccer World Cup, and many of the demonstrations have targeted stadiums where the international Confederations Cup matches have been under way. EFE