One person was killed and 237 others injured Wednesday in clashes between supporters and opponents of President Mohammed Morsi in a town north of Cairo, Egyptian state television said, citing officials.

Two of those injured in Mansoura were shot in the head with pellets and are in serious condition, according to the deputy health secretary in Daqahliya province, Abdel Wahab Suleiman.

The clashes followed a nationwide address by Morsi amid escalating political tensions that have seen the military deploy around Egypt's major cities.

Hundreds of people opposed to the Islamist government gathered in Cairo's Tahrir Square to listen to Morsi's speech, while others protested outside the Defense Ministry.

Critics blame Morsi and his Muslim Brotherhood of doing little to address poverty and the declining economy, of failing to advance the goals of the 2011 revolution that forced out strongman Hosni Mubarak and of seeking to monopolize power.

The opposition is gearing up for nationwide marches this weekend aimed at driving Morsi from office. EFE