The Peruvian capital will be ahead of all other South American cities in treating waste water when the La Chira plant is completed in 2014, President Ollanta Humala said Tuesday at the inauguration of its construction.

The new plant for treating sewage and undersea outfalls will provide coverage for 100 percent of the sewage of Lima, a city that is home to 10 million inhabitants, the head of state said.

"That is to say, 30 percent of the Peruvian population, and with that we will lead South America in the treatment of sewage among South America's capital cities," Humala said.

The plant will treat waste water in 18 districts of Lima, with an investment of 531 million soles ($191 million) through the concession awarded to the private consortium La Chira, and will allow the beaches of the capital to be recovered by eliminating the pouring of untreated sewage into the Pacific Ocean. EFE