A wasp nest some two meters (6.5 feet) high and 2.5 meters (about 8 feet) wide in central Florida was destroyed by an entomologist who says that it might have been one of the largest in the world.

"This giant wasps' nest will make you never want to go outside again," Jonathan Simkins joked on his Twitter account, where he posted several photos of the largest wasp nest he had ever seen in his 20-year career.

The nest was located in a remote and wooded part of central Florida on private property, the owner of which contacted Simkins to get his help in removing or destroying the next.

Trying to destroy such a nest without expert help could be fatal for anyone who touched it and angered the up to 1 million wasps inside.

Simkins, who runs an insect extermination business, also posted a video that he recorded and in which he is seen - dressed in a protective suit - using various techniques to kill the wasps, thousands of which flew after him trying to sting him as he moved away from the nest to take breathers and, ultimately, once he had finished dealing with the nest itself.

He told local WFLA television that he usually is called to destroy wasp nests containing between 1,000 and 5,000 wasps, but this one - which he jokingly referred to as "a prehistoric nest" from the epoch of the dinosaurs - he estimated to be the home of about a million of the insects. EFE