Eight people died Tuesday when a military helicopter crashed while carrying out rescue work in the widely flooded northern Indian state of Uttarakhand, the press reported.

The helicopter went down as it was flying back to the city of Kedarnath, the epicenter of the flooding that has caused 882 fatalities up to now, according to television channel NDTV.

Everyone on board - five soldiers of the crew and three civilians - were killed in the accident, whose causes are not yet known.

Authorities deployed 45 army aircraft to carry out rescue work in what is the biggest operation of its kind to date.

Up to now 90,000 people have been rescued by some 10,000 troops of the armed forces, while 3,500 people remained trapped by the rising waters.

Some 2,000 people are still missing.

Floods are frequent during India's monsoon season, though they have been greater this year than is usual in the northern part of the country.

India depends on the monsoon rains to sustain its agriculture, a sector that directly and indirectly employs two-thirds of the country's working class. EFE