An armed group gunned down four people, three of them prosecutors from the Sinaloa state Attorney General's Office, along with a student doing professional practice at that agency, authorities said.

Sources with the state AG's office told Efe that the attack was perpetrated on a main street of Guasave municipality when the gunmen in a moving vehicle shot at the victims riding in another.

The authorities said the group, armed with automatic rifles, intercepted the officials' vehicle at the intersection of two major Guasave thoroughfares and fired several rounds at them

Police launched an operation to cordon off the area and to begin investigating the case, though as yet they have not uncovered any details about the group of assailants.

The multiple homicide indicates a resurgence of the region's wave of violence and comes a day after the visit of Defense Secretary Salvador Cienfuegos Zepeda, who met with Gov. Mario Lopez Valdez to analyze the violence in the state.

Sinaloa state's deputy attorney general, Martin Robles, noted days ago the possibility that the recent homicides in Guasave and Ahome are the work of a gang headed by Fausto Isidro Meza, alias "el Chapo Isidro." EFE