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At least two people were killed in the protests that drew more than 1 million people into the streets of about 80 cities across Brazil, officials said Friday.

A total of 62 people were injured in the protests Thursday night that sent 300,000 people pouring into the streets of Rio de Janeiro.

A protester was killed when he was hit by a vehicle in Riberão Preto, a city in São Paulo state, becoming the first fatality in the wave of protests that started last week over a hike in public transit fares.

The second fatality occurred in the Amazonian city of Belem, where a woman died from a heart attack after inhaling tear gas fired by police.

The grassroots movement that organized the protests, meanwhile, announced Friday it was suspending the demonstrations to evaluate the situation amid indications that groups with other interests had infiltrated the protests.

The government said it was concerned that the protests could affect next Pope Francis's visit to Brazil next month.

Violent demonstrators tried to enter Congress and the Foreign Ministry, breaking windows and setting fire to exterior columns on Thursday night.

Other groups tried to force their way into Rio de Janeiro city hall and the seat of government in Fortaleza.

Protesters clashed with police in other cities, such as Salvador and Campinas.

Riot police used tear gas and charges by mounted officers to disperse the crowds.

The protests continued even after the government rescinded the fare increase, reflecting widespread discontent over the situation in cities across Brazil.

Protesters are calling for measures to deal with corruption, more investment in health care and public education, and criticizing the huge sums being spent by the government on the 2014 World Cup. EFE