The family of child prodigy Luis Roberto Ramirez Alvarez is seeking financial help so the boy can have his dream of studying quantum physics at Harvard University come true.

For some time the family of the "Mexican Einstein" has been looking for the means to allow the 11-year-old boy to become a student at Harvard, people close to the family, which lives in the Zamora municipality of the western Mexican state of Michoacan, said.

The family has avoided contact with local, national and international media outlets because of the inevitable harassment that would begin as soon as the press found out that the child prodigy has an IQ between 152 and 160, similar to that of the Theory of Relativity author Albert Einstein.

Ramirez Alvarez studies at a prep school in Michoacan and is considered by Mexican authorities as one of the three child prodigies living in the country.

The boy genius appeared last Wednesday in an interview on the Michoacan Radio and Television System, which attracted the attention of the national and international press.

Though it was said the minor will go to Harvard, the university denied having received an application for the boy's admittance. EFE