Turkish police used forced early Thursday to break up the anti-government protest camps in Smyrna and Mersin, arresting dozens of people, while security forces fired on demonstrators in Ankara, media reports said.

The police intervention against the camp on Smyrna's Gündogdu Square came at dawn with the support of anti-riot forces, although the latter did not intervene against the encamped protesters, who only offered passive resistance, the daily Hürriyet reported on its Web site.

In the southern city of Mersin, another of the foci of recent protests, where on Thursday the 17th Mediterranean Games got under way, police cleared an encampment of about 30 tents that had been set up some 20 days ago in downtown Baris Square.

With the refusal of the encamped protesters to leave the vicinity, officers tore down the tents, took them away in a truck and arrested one person, the daily Bugün said.

In Ankara, numerous citizens blocked traffic along central streets and police assaults with water cannons and tear gas continued through the late morning with authorities making a number of arrests.

In Istanbul, the initial epicenter of the wave of protests sweeping Turkey since late May, there were no reported incidents either on Wednesday night or Thursday morning.

Thousands of people gathered during the night at some 30 neighborhood assemblies in parks all over the city to debate the protest movement's future steps. EFE